Day 5: 淡水 Tamshui - Taipei, Taiwan

Had too much food on my Taiwan trip...that's not a good thing.  My stomach started burning just like the last time I went to Taiwan.  Luckily, I didn't start puking.  It only burned and was unable to walk at times when it did.  So, I walked super slow through out the day and no more eating for me.

We came to Tamshui~  Wanted to see the Fort San Domingo.  We started off at the Tamshui Station and walked through the market.

Then walked along the water.  My stomach was killing me.  I had to sit down on a bench every few minutes, making the trip super slow.  I thought of heading back to the hotel to rest for the day...but the other me kept telling me not to waste my trip to Taiwan.  I just can't allow myself to rest when I am on vacation...which kind of loses the point of a "vacation"....

The day was just as gloomy as how I felt....very grey.  The wind kept blowing on my face and the humid air didn't make things any better.  I looked like a ghost.  So, I didn't take any pictures of myself.

There are little streets here and there to take pics of and a little time for me to rest.  By the time I got to Fort San Domingo, it was 5pm...which was the closing time!!! I didn't realize it would close that early!  All the walking for NOTHING!  I was so upset.  I got there, only to see the gate close in front of me.  

Didn't want to give up, I walked around to see if I can find a place where I can get a glimpse of the place.  Then came to a university where my cousin studies at...which is just behind Fort San Domingo on a hill.  We thought maybe we can get a glimpse of it from up high~

Quite a nice looking the middle of nowhere. Turns out we couldn't see any of the Fort San Domingo at the university...It was getting late and time to head back~

The night view along the water is nice.

Maybe next time, when I come to Taiwan again, I will be able to visit the Fort San Domingo....

Tamshui is at point U in the list "Places Part 1" on the map below:


Day 1: 香蕉新樂園 Xiang Jiao Xin Le Yuan > 一中商圈 Yizhong Market > 阿里巴巴 逢甲 Fengjia Alibaba > 逢甲夜市 FengJia Night Market
Day 2: 彩虹眷村 Caihongjuan Village > 薰衣草森 Lavender Cottage天馬牧場Alpaca Farm臺中梧棲觀光魚港 Wuqi Fisherman's Wharf 高美濕地 Kaomei Wetland  > 一中商圈 Yizhong Market
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Day 4: TW1 Hotel > ATT4FUN度小月擔仔麵 Du Hsiao Yueh Restaurant at 忠孝東路 >
夢幻學園 Maiden School Cafe at 台北車站 Taipei Station > 西門町 Ximending
Day 5: 淡水 Tamshui > 士林夜市 Shilin Night Market
Day 6: 剝皮寮老街 Bopiliao Ancient Street中華民國總統府 President Office > Presidential and Vice-Presidential Artifacts Museum 總統副總統文物館
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