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    What do you even call this print nail wrap nail art? MDS1040

    I wore this when I went to Thailand.  Love the bright colors. A simple design that would be way too annoying to do freehand.  This is nail wrap of course.  I like wearing nail wraps when I am on vacation as they tend to last longer than normal nail polish.  Less chipping and won't dry out my nails.

    This time I am using nail wrap MDS1040.  A design with stripes and dots.  It looks bluish on the screen, but it's more of a purple in real life.

    Each pack comes with 14 strips of 7 sizes.
    You can get them here:

    These were on my nails for more than 10 days.  I took them off as I was getting tired of the design.  They could have lasted a few more days, but I just wanted to have something new on my nails.



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