Day 2: Breakfast at SO Sofitel Hua Hin - Hua Hin, Thailand

I think the breakfast buffet at resort is one of the most important aspect when I decide if I like that place or not. I need a really nice breakfast to make it a happy day before I chill for the rest of the day.  For such a small hotel/resort, I am quite impressed with their breakfast.  Everything is set up so neatly and clean.  The restaurant area isn't super big as it isn't a huge hotel.  Best to go early when the breakfast starts at 8am or after the crowd leaves at around 10am.  If it's too crowded indoor, then the only choice is to sit outside, which is unacceptable as it is too freaking hot and there are too many tiny mosquitoes.  It would be a feast for the mosquitoes rather than a feast for myself if I were to sit outside.  

I hate the heat....which is ironic as I chose to come to Thailand...Anyways, that's why I can't sit outdoor to eat.  Especially my mosquitoes seem to love my blood.

I love cheese and they have so many different type of cheese!

Lots of ham

Fresh salad bar~

Lots of sweet pastry.  Not something I would like for breakfast though.

Then there's the ice cream and desserts bar.  Yes, that's right.  Ice cream at 8am~  The early hours didn't stop me from getting my ice cream though!


Love how they cut these half open.  Make it so much easier to eat.  No idea what these are called, but they sure are sweet~

Not a big place, just a few tables~

Our breakfasts~ 

SO Sofitel Hua Hin is at point B in list Places Part 1 on the map below:


Day 1: Terminal 21 > Siam Center > Siam Paragon > SO Sofitel Huahin
Day 4: Breakfast at Hotel > Chill at the Beach > Gym > Swim > Thai Boxing > Hua Hin Floating Market > Late Lunch at Market Village > Feet Massage at Lanfsh Spa > Hua Hin Night Market > Swim > Room Service
Day 5: Breakfast at Hotel > DMK Airport
Day 2: Breakfast at SO Sofitel Hua Hin - Hua Hin, Thailand Day 2: Breakfast at SO Sofitel Hua Hin - Hua Hin, Thailand Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Wednesday, September 07, 2016 Rating: 5

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