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    Club and Bar Hop Granville St - Vancouver, Canada

    It's been a long time since we had a girls night out.  Needed to enjoy the night to the fullest and club/bar hop!  3 clubs to be exactly.  Totally regretting the idea the morning after.  Love how the clubs are so closely packed together so there won't be much walking.  They are mostly lined along Granville St in Downtown.  The crowds start flowing in after 1am, but we were already quite drunk and tired by then.  
    Since when did people in Vancouver started going out this late?  I always thought club closes somewhere around 2am.  I guess it's been way too long since I went out at night and I am just outdated

    I like how they close the road on Granville after 9pm and no cars can drive through.  People can just walk all over the place when they are drunk.

    Me clubbing in clubs around point P in Places Part 3 on the map:



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