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    Hy's Steakhouse - Vancouver, Canada

    It's hard to find a nice steak house in Hong Kong.  So, I must have some western food when I am in the west.  Came to Hy's Steakhouse for some meat!

    Starting off with some wine.  A fine looking restaurant~

    Cheese bread
    Cheese makes everything tastes good!

    I feel safe eating oyster in Vancouver.  Something I don't really do in Hong Kong.  I don't trust the cheaper restaurants in Hong Kong to have fresh oyster.  For the expensive places in Hong Kong, I feel their fresh oysters are over priced.


    Crab cake

    New York Steak

    Creme brulee

    Lime pie

    Hy's Steakhouse at point M in Places Part 3 on the map below:



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