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    Make it Fair at PNE 2017 - Canada

    I love art and craft.  Couldn't miss out the Make It Fair at PNE.  Great that it just so happened during the week that I am in Vancouver.  Lots of artsy people selling their handmade products.  All very pretty.  If only I have unlimited flow of money, then I'd sure buy a lot.  

    I am quite surprised that there were quite a crowd there as well.  

    There were lots of food trucks outside.  Making my day by filling up with lots of junk food.  Diet?  Forget it.

    Haven't had a mini donut for ages.  Still as good as I remembered.  Especially good when they are hot.  Soft, and sweet.

    Love the color of their food truck.  Very cute that they are little hugs~

    Make It Fair is at point E in Places Part 3 on the map below:



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