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    Cafe Nail Art with Image Plate 春の歌-L022

    Another new plate I got is 春の歌-L022.  It has lots of sweets and drinks on it, like a cafe theme.
    I am not really "painting" my nails today.  Just stamping everything on!

    With some checkered patterns from another plate, I stamped the background~  That way, I don't have to paint and wait for it to dry.

    I love using my jelly stamping and filling in the colors before stamping it onto my nails.

    Done in no time!  Just kidding...took me about an hour...since I needed to stamp and fill in the colors and wait for it to dry.  I am using 3 stampers at a time to cut down the waiting, but still not fast enough.

    I think I should have used another colors for the background...black is just too dark.  Doesn't look good.



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