Day 5: Bongeunsa Temple - Seoul, South Korea

No idea where we should head to and googled online to see there is a temple that google said is one of the best in Seoul.  Don't know how temple works in Korea, but we saw pretty lanterns on google and decided to go for a walk.

Bongeunsa Temple is just across from the gigantic Coex Mall, which reminds me of Siam Paragon and the surrounding malls in Thailand.  So, after we finished shopping in the mall, we just walked across the street to the temple.

Feel like we would be violating the gods if we take pictures inside the temple where people pray.  So, we just take pics at the front entrance and in the garden.

For Chinese temples, when we pray to the gods and ask for something, we would need to return to the same temple the next year to thank the god.  Although we are not super superstitious, but we wouldn't want to anger any gods for only asking for favors and not returning any.  So, we decided to just stroll in the temple, pay respect with a bow and leave the praying area.  Wouldn't want to disturb anyone praying there.  

The lanterns are pretty.  Took lots of selfies!

Bongeunsa Temple is at point z in Places Part 2 on the map below:


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Day 5: Bongeunsa Temple - Seoul, South Korea Day 5: Bongeunsa Temple - Seoul, South Korea Reviewed by chichicho on Thursday, June 29, 2017 Rating: 5

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