Summer Daisy Stamping Nails with Image Plate BPL-029 (Born Pretty Store Review)

Time for another Born Pretty Store review.  I am reviewing another stamping image plate for them and I've got to say that I love this plate.  I could easily pick up the entire image.  No crooks and cranny missing on the images.

I used the image plate BPL-029.  It comes nicely packaged.

Look at all those pretty floral patterns!  Can make dozens of pretty nature theme mani.

You can get this plate here:

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to save even more!
Born Pretty Store does worldwide free shipping~  It says on the site that they ship their orders within 24 hours~  Their products are generally pretty cheap.  The best part is still about the free shipping, so you don't have to worry about the shipping cost actually being more than the product itself.

I didn't use special stamping polish here.  I just use regular green nail polish.  I already own a lot of nail polishes, so I just don't believe in further cluttering my already small room.  Hong Kong is all about using space wisely.  I can't afford to get a mansion to store my nail polish.

So, I am sure for other various reason such as $$$ that would stop people from buying stamping nail polish.  However, when using regular nail polish, the images are most often not very solid.  I have been searching online on how to stamp good images with regular nail polish.  Many people say to get pigment powder from craft stores, such as Michael's.  However, if I were to buy pigments to add to my nail polish, that would totally beat the purpose of trying not to clutter my room.  Then I looked around and saw that I have lots of eye shadows.  Admit it, I am sure most of us have bought those 144+ colors eye shadow palette.  We'd think its the colors of rainbow, all pretty and nice.  Yet when we get our hands on them, we only use the neutral colors.  The blues, greens, reds and yellows are most likely untouched.  Then as time goes by, the palette gets old and you are afraid to put it on your eyes.  It feels a waste to throw away, but you can't think of a better way to use it.  

Turns out eye shadow works just as well as pigment when stamping nails.  Just add a chunk of similar color eyeshadow to the normal nail polish.  Ta-da!  Perfect solid color images!  Here I used the bottom left greenish color to mixed into my green polish.  The colors are somewhat different, but the result was still great.  Give your old eye shadow a try.

Here are the nail polish I used.

From left to right:
Orly - Lemonade
American Apparels - California Trooper 38978
ONL - Pop Nails #24

Summer Daisy Stamping Nails with Image Plate BPL-029 (Born Pretty Store Review) Summer Daisy Stamping Nails with Image Plate BPL-029 (Born Pretty Store Review) Reviewed by chichicho on Friday, June 23, 2017 Rating: 5

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