Pool at Angsana Lang Co - Da Nang, Vietnam

The pictures of Angsana Lang Co's amazing pool made us book this resort.  Our friends told us there is not winter in Vietnam and they were ALL wrong.  Not a single one of friends or colleagues knew winter exist in Vietnam.  I guess they haven't been to Danang before? At least not during their winter months.

After arriving at Danang, we immediately regretted our choice of going in January.  It's their winter and rain season.  Daily temperature was around 14 to 17 degree, which totally threw us off as we saw it was supposed to be 26 degree on accuweather.com.

The pool at the resort was obviously not heated, but that didn't stop us from jumping in.  Afterall, we brought 5 bathing suits.  It would be a shame to not jump in.  

The resort offers floats like the unicorn that is free to use.  However, it was low season, they only put 1 out.  There are other plain floats if needed.  We asked them if they have other animals and their answer was, "We have many before, but people killed them."  I guess people were just too rough with the cute floats.

The pool is a stream that goes around the resort.  So, it was be great in the summer to just sit on a float and really float through the resort.  There is also a pool side bar which people can float to.  Since it was winter and low season, there were only a handful of guests swimming in the pool.  Hence, the bar was never opened during our stay.  What a shame.  Same goes for the bar above water.  Surprised that it was NEVER opened during our stay.

There are several hot tubs through out the resort and that's where people mostly chill.  The non-heated pool is too tough to swim in.  

Even though the water can be too cold to get into, it's still nice to hang around the pool to enjoy the view.

This is how to play on water, without getting into the freezing water.

Angsana Lang Co is at point 1 on the map below:

Pool at Angsana Lang Co - Da Nang, Vietnam Pool at Angsana Lang Co - Da Nang, Vietnam Reviewed by chichicho on Tuesday, March 06, 2018 Rating: 5

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