La Luna Spa - Hoi An, Vietnam

Staying at Angsana Lang Co, a free shuttle is offered to visit Hoi An.  The resort staff told us that it would be around an hour ride to go from Angsana Lang Co to Hoi An.  A total lie.  It was actually 2 hours.  Luckily, we pee before we boarded.  

It was the winter and raining season when I visited Hoi An.  Not a great feeling to be walking in the rain and cold.  So, after walking around Hoi An Ancient Town, we decided to find a nice spa for a leg massage.  Need to rest our legs from so much walking.

The place is clean and spacious.  Staffs at La Luna are really nice.  Unlike massages in Thailand, Vietnam massage aren't as strong, which suits.  I find Thai massage to be quite painful most of the time and always had to ask the masseur to go lighter.

Nice to sit down after a long walk on the wet and bumpy concrete.  

We went to 4 different spa in our Vietnam trip.  La Luna is the cleanest one outside of the resort.  I can't say the massage is the best, but for a clean place to just sit and rest, I'd pick La Luna.

La Luna Spa is at point 2 on the map below:

La Luna Spa - Hoi An, Vietnam La Luna Spa - Hoi An, Vietnam Reviewed by chichicho on Tuesday, April 03, 2018 Rating: 5

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  1. Very interesting place and I am sure you were super relaxed!


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