The Dreamiest Pastel Nail Colors For Spring

First of all, this is a guest post from Pink Gellac.  Thought it would be interesting to share. Not a must to purchase from them.  Just great to have some spring/summer ideas~


Spring is in the air and fashionistas are ready to put away the dark nail colors and go with some cool spring colors. This is going to be an exciting year! In years past, the options were slim. You could find any shade of pink you wanted, lavender was around, and nudes. Those are all great, but there is only so much you can do with light pink.

Gel Nail

First of all, if you have not gotten yourself a gel polish kit from Pink Gellac, back away from the computer and go buy one now. Seriously, gel nails will change your life. The shine and color stay vibrant and pretty for up to two weeks. Now, being the sceptic that am, I had to test that for myself. Though I type for hours everyday and expose my nails to soaps, cleaning product, and lots of water; I did not even need a touch-up until day 17. Gel nail polish is the best beauty product that I have come across in at least a decade.

Don’t forget your toes

As the boots get tucked away for the year, you will need to do some damage control on your feet. Once you have them silk smooth and beautiful, do a gel polish on them too. It is easy to do and they will look great for a couple of weeks at a time. Go with the pastel colors and the nail art. But for the sake of your shoes, stay away from the jewels.

Get ready for spring. Refresh your nail polish collection with some new shade from Pink Gellac. Replace those old emery boards and shine up your UV light. Your gel nails will rock your look this spring.

The colors

As mentioned above you will see a lot of pastel colors:
  • Pink
  • Baby blue
  • Light mint green
  • Lavender
  • Yellow
  • gray
  • Nudes
  • coral
  • Look for all of these colors with glitter added as well

You will also see a lot of metallics this year. Rose gold, gold, silver, and copper are all on the list. However, most people are using them for an accent nail. For example, a set of nails that are painted in blue takes on a stunning look if you paint one nail on each hand a sparkling silver. Rose gold gives the same effect with pinks


This years designs for nail art include a lot of straight lines. For example, nails that are painted lilac will have one black line painted right down the center of the index finger. It is dramatic. Other people will use white for lines painted across the nails. They can be V-shaped, X-shaped or any combination. Adding another accent to the nail needs to be small and fit somewhere between the lines. This could be a small flower or a bright red dot.

The look is simple, and chic with a punch. Adding a few jewels looks really good, and are perfect for a night out.

If you are going to a formal function, black is multi-seasonal. Don’t hesitate to wear it. This is especially true with very long nails. You can always add some nail art to lighten the mood when the function is over.

It is still popular to paint every nail a different color. Be careful what you combine. Coral looks beautiful next to mint, but not so great next to pink.  

Size and shapes

This is always a personal choice. Ultra long nails are pretty, but not extremely functional. Spring means warm temperatures, outdoor games, (and usually a lot of exercising) to get ready for summer.) So, how long you want to go depends on what you enjoy doing. It is hard to play volleyball on the beach, or place a game of touch football with nails that are very long. It is also hard to type and text with them. So the most common look for spring will be short, round nails or modestly long mails with a square shape. Again, it is up to you. Any choice is in fashion fo 2018.
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