Day 2: Eating and shopping in Siam Paragon Supermarket - Bangkok, Thailand

I hate being in the heat and I definitely hate eating in dirty and dark little shops.  So, I guess I missed out eating in all the local restaurants, which I don't regret.  Why eat in a dirty old place when you can be in a brightly lit environment.  I don't know how hygienic the kitchen in the supermarket is, but at least when I am eating it, I am sat down on a comfortable chair.  

Their mangoes are so sweet!  I have no idea what this soup is call, but it's sweet and good as well.  Maybe a little less sugar is better.  And they gave us 4 or 6 eggs.  Quite crazy...we couldn't finish it.  Too many eggs for one day. 

Since we were staying near Siam Paragon, we just walked over to the mall to get some breakfast there.  In the supermarket, there is ready to eat food.  They have tables and chairs for you to eat there right away.  Not really sure what we ordered, but it was good.  Not an expert on Thai food, but it was good enough for us.  I guess it's quite over priced compared to local standard, but it's ok for us.  Things in Hong Kong are way too expensive compared to Bangkok.  So, even though the food in the supermarket was marked up, we still felt comfortable paying the price.

There were so many other things to eat and buy in the supermarket.

Many food item that we had no idea what it's made of.

I don't understand why mango need to be dip in spicy sauce....

This leaf thingy.  Taste good, but so much effort to make one leaf wrap.

I guess this is the soup thingy we ordered.

Siam Paragon is at point C in Places Part 1 on the map below:


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Day 2: Eating and shopping in Siam Paragon Supermarket - Bangkok, Thailand Day 2: Eating and shopping in Siam Paragon Supermarket - Bangkok, Thailand Reviewed by chichicho on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 Rating: 5

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