Marble Water Decal Nail Art

I have no self control.  As much as I tell myself I should not be buying new water decal because I probably have over a thousand different sets, I went and got new ones anyways.  I have too many floral water decal that are totally out of trend.  So, when I saw these marble print, I just had to get them.  I tried painting on marble print free handedly before and that took me much longer than just sticking the nail wrap on.  Actually, painting it on only took me around 15 minutes, but the waiting to for it to try was forever.  With water decal, there is almost no waiting time at all.

These ones I got are really thin and quite hard to use.  It can easily fold on its own, making it so hard to smooth out on the nail.  The pixel is so fine, making it looks like I really painted them on.  Totally love them.


Marble Water Decal Nail Art Marble Water Decal Nail Art Reviewed by chichicho on Friday, April 19, 2019 Rating: 5

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