Eating Nonstop at Kuromon Osaka, Japan

We decided to come to Kuromon Market for breakfast.  I wanted to eat everything they have to offer.  Too bad my stomach isn't a black hole.

I was greeted a lot of food.  I love hate eating.  I love eating all the yummy food, but hate gaining the weight afterward.  People say exercise exercise exercise.  If only, it was that easy.  It takes up a lot of motivation to move my ass.  Motivation that I definitely don't have. 

I was going to go for the grilled seafood, but knowing I have limited space in my stomach, I decided to go for something else as I eat a lot of those when I am in Hong Kong anyways.

I was craving for some red bean so I got the Imagawayaki (大判焼き) to start first which was not a good idea.  I was already half full after eating one.

I used to hate eating red bean paste, but don't know why I am starting to like it recently.

Loving the warm soft pastry~

There were also shops selling strawberries and other fruits.  I struggled for a second deciding whether to eat strawberries or melon.  I decided to go for melon instead as I have been eating lots of Japanese strawberries in Hong Kong.  Whereas, we never buy any Japanese melon while in Hong Kong.

The melon was super sweet.  So sweet that my throat hurts after eating.

So, I was walking walking walking and then saw some people eating sashimi!!!  And the sashimi they were eating looked really good.  I just had to stop and get some myself!  They have this tall table where you can buy and eat on the spot!

This plate was 1000 yen if I remember correctly.  It was sweet and fresh! Loved it!

Then I saw the couple next to me eating some nigiri sushi with really fatty looking maguro.  I just had to get myself another plate.  So, for 2,000 yen, I got 5 pieces of this nigiri sushi and they were well worth it!  Very fresh, juicy, and fatty.  The oil would melt in your mouth eat time you take a bite.

After all that, I was already 70% full, but I didn't stop there.  I saw this curry place and there was a sign saying it's famous or something.  I just had to sit down and get myself a bowl of beef curry!

It was delicious!  Curry is always good.  Love the sweet Japanese curry!

We walked forward some more and found another place selling tuna sashimi.  And they have this maguro sashimi rice bowl that's only selling for 500 yen.  They limit it to just 20 box a day.  We couldn't miss out the deal and got ourselves a box and sat down at their table and started munching away.

This is the box I got.  Lots of tuna for just 500 yen!

This was just delicious and fresh again!

I was absolutely stuffed after eating the rice bowl and couldn't eat anymore.  I saw these really delicious looking beef and really wanted to buy some.  However, I had a long day to walk around and I just can't carry raw meat with me for the day....sad.  I bet these would be juicing and beefilicious!

Kuromon Market is point G on the map.

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