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    Osaka Museum of History, Osaka, Japan

    I find that I am always somehow going to a museum when I travel.  I think it's the air conditioning and knowing that no one will really go there attracts me. I hate crowded areas.  There are just too many tourists in the main shopping districts,  I need to hide and rest in a museum.  As I was on my way to Osaka Castle, I might as well visit the History Museum which is just across the street.  I bought the package ticket which allows me to enter the exhibition in the museum and the Tenshukaku Castle.  I think it costed me 900 yen. 

    I was only able to look through level 7 to 10. Each floor has different theme of exhibition.

    You can view the Osaka Castle from the 10th floor. Pretty!  Amazing to have this ancient palace in the middle of a modern city. 

    This is my favorite floor. It has the old Japan street on display and you can pretend you are in old Japan. 

    Address: Japan, 〒540-0008 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, 中央区大手前4−1−32

    Osaka Museum of History is located across from the southwest corner of Osaka Castle Park. The closest station is Tanimachi 4-chome Station on the Tanimachi Subway Line and Chuo and Tanimachi Subway Lines, a five minute walk from the museum.

    It is point I on the map below.



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