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    BBT Cafe - Kerrisdale in Vancouver, Canada

    Lonely lunch for me.  It's a weekday and all my friends are at work, except me of course.  So, I came to Kerrisdale for some Taiwanese food!  I love Taiwanese food.  It seems like I have forgotten about Taiwan food after I have been obsessed with Korean food lately.  I got a table at the corner.  Seems like the table is designated for loners like me.

    I always love Taiwanese food.  Favorite Taiwanese food is their chicken nuggets, Taiwan style!  I don't know how they do it, they are just so taste and juicy!  Very different from any Canto style fried chicken.  It's definition something I must eat each time I come to Vancouver or whenever I fly to Taiwan.

    A set like this is too big for me.  Good for 2 meal.  So, I eat half of it and pack the rest away for dinner.

    I forgot how much this was.  Probably something like CAD$12.  

    Address: 5979 West Boulevard, Vancouver
    BBT Cafe is at point h in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.


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