Fish Cafe - Kerrisdale in Vancouver, Canada

I grew up around Kerrisdale and never notice this fish and chips place!  So, I went to visit my friend who lives nearby for lunch.  She wanted fish and chips and I was like, where can we get fish and chips in Kerrisdale?  Then she was like, "How can you not know there's Fish Cafe in Kerrisdale?  It has been around even when we were in high school!"  Through out the 5 years that I was in high school, I often went to Kerrisdale for lunch.  How did I miss out on this place is a total mystery.

Honestly, I think the fish and chips at Fish Cafe is just as good as the ones on Steveston.  One thing different is that I don't have to drive all the way to Richmond and burn out my wallet with the gas used in driving to get these!  Love the fat fries!

Here I ordered cod.  People say halibut is better, but I can't taste the difference.  In fact, I like cod a little more as the meat seems a little smoother.

I love fish that doesn't have the fishy taste.  It seems only deep frying them in western style can do the trick!

Address: 2053 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver
Fish Cafe is at point e in the list "Places Part 2" in the map below:

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