Day 2: Shilin Night Market - Taipei, Taiwan

We didn't play any games at Shilin Night Market this time.  We mainly were just there to walk around and eat.  We came across this sweet looking fruit stand and they gave us delicious samples of mango.  So sweet and soft~  We got tricked and bought a cup.  The real thing and sample were of course very different.  The ones being sold had lots of hair/fiber and not as sweet.  They probably soaked the samples in sugar water and trick people into buying.  

It was raining...boooooooooo............but we still walked around to search for some food.  I was constantly full.  So, it was more like Cho was the one eating, while I just look at her eat.

One of Cho's favorite treats.  Sugar coated strawberries~  A thin crunch layer of sugar over super sweet ripe strawberries.

Sat down at a little restaurant and order some Taiwanese must haves.

A little bowl of minced pork rice and oyster pancake~

My friend complained there wasn't enough meat in the rice~  I think it's ok...the price was quite cheap.  But hey, I may be wrong.  It's a tourist attraction place after all.  It's normal to sell food/products to scam tourists.

I didn't visit this place, but I just find it cool to have this modern looking place that sells Lu Wei, a bunch of meat, vegetables, tofu, noodles that will be chopped, boiled in a savoury broth and plated up.  There is this spinning table with all the different food to choose from.  Looks fun and yummy.  I was too full to try though.

Although I was super full, that was totally not the case for Cho.  So, we went to the underground food court to eat some more~  It's so crowded in there.  Basically every shop was selling the same type of food.

We ordered a bowl of duck blood and intestine~  That sounds disgusting when said in English...but it's good. Yum~

More shopping afterwards...but the clothes there are too small for us.

Lane 101, Wenlin Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Shilin Night Market is at point V in the list Places Part 1 on the map below:


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