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    Incheon Airport to Seoul Station - South Korea

    Flew over to Seoul again.  It has just been a month since my last trip to Seoul.  Unlike my previous trips, this time is for business purposes.  

    First time taking the airport express train. It's a train that takes you straight from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station without any stops.  Before Chi would always say that it is more expensive by a bit but not much faster so we never took it. This time since I am going with another friend we opt to take the express plane because there is a discount if you show your Jeju Air boarding pass stub. 

    Another bonus is that there is free Wi-Fi on this train. So if you are like us who usually gets their wifi egg from the airbnb host you won't have to be overly bored on this long train ride. 

    If you didn't take Jeju Air, you can still get a discount for the express train through the K-Look web or app.

    We got out express ticket for 6900 won.  If I remember correctly, the all stop train is 4500 won.  So, just a little bit more, we can have a nice comfortable seat. In terms of the time, it's just 10 minutes faster than the all stop train.

    I totally prefer flying Jeju Air compared to HKexpress.  Their tickets would include 1 luggage.  However, they don't serve complementary food and they ride can been quite stuffy.  Sometimes they would turn off the air conditioner...to save money?  Anyways, nice to know we can get a discount for the Express Train from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station with the Jeju Air boarding pass stub.



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