Revlon Whimsical

I have read numerous reviews and look alike reviews online on Revlon's Whimsical and I loved it every time! I was dying to get my hands on a bottle or even a look alike. I love the way it looks. The milky translucent blue that lets the glitter shine through at different levels.
I finally came across a bottle at walmart the other day. I knew I had to have it!
Since my nails were due for a new polish anyways, I decided to try this on yesterday. It was no a whimsical experience at all! Quiet frustrating actually. There was close to no pigment at all in the polish and I had a had time getting the glitter onto my nails. 
This is what I got after 2 coats. It looks like nothing at all... :(

I lost track of how many coats I did to get this intensity, but it should be something like 8.
But even after 8 coats you can see that it isn't very solid, the color. On top of that, because I have a slightly dark skin tone, it make the color look a little greeny yellowy...... and dirty.  Not to mention that when the polish dried after 5 hours, I had a million air bubbles. *crys*

Although, I had such a bad experience with this polish, I am sure this won't be my last time trying it out. But next time I think I will put on a base coat first. 

By Cho

Revlon Whimsical Revlon Whimsical Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Thursday, March 22, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. how did you manage to wait for 5 hours for ur nails to dry without smudging it? You have to at least pee of something in that 5 hours....

  2. This is a layering polish. You should try it on top of a pastel color--it will look much better! I hope the next wear will be better.

    1. I have realized that > < I am trying to find a nice baby blue to layer it on top of

  3. Try it over a light blue polish! And try a fast drying top coat, like Seche Vite or Poshe!

    1. I actually already use a fast drying top coat from orly, I really like it since it is a gel base.

      But yes, I am going to try and find a nice baby blue top layer this on. I am not giving up yet

    2. Brands like Orly, Revlon and Essie claim to have 'fast drying' top coats. they claim to dry in five minutes. However, they only dry 'to the touch'.

      You should really try Seche Vite - the nail polish dries completely and *Hardens* within five minutes. It does the same regardless of the number of coats (although more coats obviously mean a little more drying time)

      There's really a great difference, and it will make painting your nails a lot easier. Ever since I have started using it, I have never turned back. It is incomparable.

    3. I will definitely try it next time.
      Thanks thanks.


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