DIY Ribbon Organizer Tutorial


I have always wanted one of these when I saw it in my local craft store. I could however never justify buying it because it looked so simple and cost over $20 CND. Therefore, I would just walk past and look at it every time I am in the store.

However, I recently stumbled on a arts and crafts blog that had a tutorial on it, savvy housekeeping. It is such a great blog! Ever since I have discovered it, I have had tons of projects I want to start doing and work on from this site! Just need to find the time to do so.

The ribbon organizer from the site however is made from a tin can. With my limited amount of tools and clumsiness I try to stay away from heavy duty cutting machines or just anything that is too sharp and cutting metal seems a bit scary. So instead I used a old ice tea mix can. The body of the can is constructed with paper which I am a lot more comfortable working with :)

Here is what you will need:
- an empty round container that is big enough to fit a spool of ribbon
- knife
- long pin/sharp nail
- decorative tape (optional)
- scissors
- elastic band
- ruler

1) Start off by ripping the paper cover around the body of the container

2) use a ruler and draw 2 parallel straight lines down on side of the container 2-3mm apart.

3) use your knife and cut out the sliver in between the two lines

4) use your decorative and wrap around the container neatly. (you can skip this part if you want)
tip: don't pull too much of your tape at once. The more closely enacted the roll of tape is to the container when wrapping, the easier it is to control.

5) leave about 2cm of excess tape at the end so you can tuck it into the sliver and tape it down nicely

 6) This is what it would look like half way through

7) chances are that the width of the tape won't match up perfectly with the length of the container. So when you get close to the end of the container, instead of making another row closely beside the previous one, make it touching the top and leaving a space between the 2 rows of tape. 

8) Now just rap another row of tape to cover the little space in between. I did it this way because these tapes are generally very translucent. Therefore, by spreading out the amount of space that would be overlapped on either side of the row would make it less noticeable. The finish product should look something like this.

9) This is what the outside and inside would looks like

10) Make a small dot 0.5 cm away from the opening on the side and use a nail other shape objects to poke a hole, do this for the top and bottom of the container.

11) Use a pencil to enlarge the hole if it is necessary.

12) now take your elastic band and feed it through the hole you just made and tie a knot.

13) the finish product should look something like this. Just drop your spools of ribbon in and feed it through the opening and underneath the elastic band. The elastic helps keep the ribbon in place :)

14) And now you are done :):):)
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