There is this popular forum in Hong Kong call HKGolden.  It's a forum that probably 99.9% of HK population would have at least heard about if they aren't already a frequent visitor.
Anyways, this forum has its own language.  When I went to take a look, I couldn't really understand anything anyone was saying.  I had to look up their own online dictionary to figure out what everyone was saying. (I am just not the cool up to date people..haha.)

I kept seeing a phrase "向左走,向右走" in many of the comments and I just didn't understand why. "向左走,向右走" basically means "walk to the left, walk to the right".  So it was very confusing when people kept on walking to the left and walking to the right and it totally didn't match the topic that the thread was talking about.  I searched the dictionary and it actually means "dick" in the form of a swear word.  It's a swear word filter that the forum has.  Whenever someone types "撚" (which is a swear word for dick), it automatically changes the word to "向左走,向右走".  The forum also has other filtered words making it seems like a code when people comments in the threads...I couldn't stop laughing reading the online dictionary for that forum.  So, I decided to just do a nail design for that forum and dedicate this to my friends that are a hardcore fan of the forum

These are the colors i used for the nails.  They are all American Apparel colors I used for the previous nail design.  
I was afraid that I would made a mess if i just write on my nails with a brush or just dot on the words free hand.  So, I used the nail transfer method from which i think is a great idea and tip...but I just don't know how she could do it so perfectly.

First I did the words on the parchment paper and sure enough it came right off when it dries.  However, when I try to stick it n my nails, it won't stick properly and there were be lots of air bubbles.  Someone please teach me how to do it properly.

 At the end, I just cleaned of that 3 nails and redo it and just dotted the words on my nails.  My Chinese writing isn't great but they turn out pretty fine~  I couldn't stop laughing at my own hands after painting them. I feel so stupid to have "dick" on my hands.  I cleaned them off right after I took the pictures.  No way would I go to work with these on my fingers.

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  1. 妳好正呀!!! hahaha 妳搭巴士火車實比人望住啦!!


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