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    Holographic Nail Polish Swatch: BK 10 & Color Club 859 Fashion Addict

    After looking at some holographic nail polishes on NailArt and Things, I already wanted to get my hands on some. 
    Then while chatting with NailArt and Things, she asked me to check out if a shop has the BK holographic nail polishes for her.  So, during one of my day offs, I went to take a look and just couldn't help but got 2 BK holographic nail polishes.

    I can't really see the name of the polish on the label.  It's either Diamond Dust or Diamond Duet.  I got the black (BK 20) and the pale blue (BK10).  I got them at Purple House in Mong Kong for $50 for 2.  They are tiny...only 6ml.

    Compared to the only other holographic nail polishes I have, which is Color Club's 859 Fashion Addict, the BK's are totally way more holo-ey.

    The Color Club's can't really get the rainbow effect, while there are the colors of the rainbow reflecting off the BK's.  My camera can't catch nearly half the holo effect of the BK's.....it's so much prettier in real life.

    So here are the 2 colors I used.


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