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    Floral and Stripes

    I wanted I paint my nails but my nails are just too weak at the moment.
    I really need to drink more milk. I need the calcium. Since I can't do my own nails, my friend was kind enough to offer me her nails to paint knowing I wanted to paint so badly. She is very picky though. She won't let me do this or that and demanded that I can only use pastel colors. She likes girly stuff. So, at the end, I decided to do probably the most common design you can see around. Floral and stripes. I just love this color combination. Pretty!

    We did this during lunch hour. Took me about 25 minutes to do both hands. I love doing these nails! I love how fast it is when I do it on others!

    Thanks my friend for modeling with her hands.

    Here are the colors I used from left to right in the picture:
    Revlon Top Speed – 320 Jaded: Base color for the nails with roses
    American Apparel – Coney Island: Base color of the roses
    Sinful Colors Professional – Soulmate 945: Outline of the roses
    American Apparel – Mac Arthur Park: Leaves of the roses
    H20 – unknown color: Base color of the striped nails
    Kiss Nail Art Paint – SPA02 White: The stripes
    Orly Polish Shield: Top coat



    1. Love it, looks amazing and neat!

      1. thanks.
        best part is it's quick and easy~

    2. Your friend should be very proud to wear this design! It's awesome! :)

    3. She liked it, but she has a bad habit of pickin nail polish off her fingers. So, it all came off after 3 or 4 days.

    4. Great job! I've not painted someone else's nails in a very long time...I'd hate to think how long it would take me to try and do that design on someone else's hands. Looks gorgeous tho. :-)

      1. This nail design actually doesn't take that long.
        It is much faster than doing my own nails.


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