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    How to organize nail stickers

    For those of you who love buying nail stickers like me you may find that you will run into the problem of it just flying everywhere and they are a little hard to keep track of.

    Not only that, but as they like moved around in my nail kit they sometimes get peeled off their original sheet and get ruined > <

    Finally I think I have came up with a semi good way to organize and store these beautiful but annoying little sheets of plastic.

    What you will need:

    Old small photo album
    Old magaze /pretty picture or patter you like
    Double sided tape

    What to do:

    1. Cut your images / pattern into the correct size for your photo album.
    2. Put the images into each sleeve.
    3. Put double sided tape onto the backside of each nail sticker sheet and stick it on to your photo album 
    4. Now you are all done :)

    By cho


    1. I love nail stickers on the card only not on at other source like above. Just possessive about my nail stickers )


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