NY Trip: Paris baguette

I look forward to this every time I am in NY.
It makes such a nice breakfast/lunch. It is fresh, packed with veggies and gives me the feeling that it is very healthy, although I don't know how true that may be :p.
I usually find that sandwiches with lots of veggies never have enough flavour packed into it, but these are bursting with flavour and will leave you craving for more and more!!!!

This lovely bakery is located in Broadway and 32nd st, in the Heart of Korean Town :)

This yummy one here is the Crunch sandwich.
It is a croissant sandwich loaded with crunchy  veggies with just a hit of Dijon mustard.

This one is the avocado turkey sandwich, I personally love avocado!
This was is really bursting with flavour I love that it is guilt free too, again lots of veggies on a whole wheat bread with flat seeds :)

By Cho

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  1. Must get the green tea matcha frappe from Paris Baguette!! It is awesome!

    1. I have never tired it,
      but I will be sure to the next time I go :)
      Thanks thanks

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