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    Sally Hansen: 506 Garter Toss Swatch

    I love this color! Smooth application and is super even with 2 coats.
    I also love the big fat brush that it comes with :) *smiles*

    This is such a pretty mint color. Too many times do I find that pastels are just not pastel enough because of my darker skin tone > - < but finally a mint color that I am 100% happy with and blown away by!

    More excitingly, I got 3 compliments about the color on just my first day of wear! Love Love Love.
    As a bonus I got it on sale at my local drug store, Shoppers Drug Mart.
    What more can you ask for?

    By Cho


    1. Simple and plain white polish. Loving it! How you get it so smooth?

      1. I use the orly Poly shield top coat and it just smooths everything out.
        I love it :)

        Thanks thanks


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