Rainy days Hong Kong

I seem to be recalling my days in Vancouver a lot, it is just because I miss life there far too much.
People there complain about the rain and weather too much though, saying it rains far far too often. I do agree that more sun shine is better, but you can't have it all.

But now that I am once again in Hong Kong (for those of you who don't know, I am constantly flying everywhere, sometimes I even lose track of where I am myself).

My point to all this is, Hong Kong rains almost just as much and a lot harder! Prime example of how bad the weather is in Hong Kong is the Typhoon that happened a couple days ago, it was the biggest one Hong Kong has had for the past 13 years!!!!!!!!!!!! It was rated a level 10. There were lots of fallen trees uprooted right from the trunk. These trees were like wide of 3 average adults giving each other a tight tight hug. I couldn't get a picture of that though >  <

But here is a picture of a what happened to a home which was under construction. When I saw it, the first thing I thought of was the Three Little Pigs. The one where the wolf huff and puff and blown the house away. It was really a bad strong storm.

Good thing about this though is that we all got to go home early from work. In Hong Kong when the typhoon is to be rated at a lvl 8 or above, you get to go home from work. It stayed up until late the next morning so we got to sleep in too.
by Cho

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