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    Sally Hansen: Hard as Wraps Powerful Acrylic Gel

    I bought this a while ago when I was on this craze about acrylic gel base polishes and treatment polishes by Sally Hansen. I have forgotten about it over the months as I bought more and more and also forgot about how much I love these things.

    It can be worn alone or as a base coat to strengthen nails, which is just what I needed. My nail bed is getting so weak from me putting on too much polish and not drinking enough milk.
    I must take this time to also add that drinking a glass of skimmed milk everyday does wonders to my nails. Every time I stop this for a couple weeks my nails would start chipping and peeling. Not a pretty sight.

    Getting back on topic. This product also has an awesome shine as you can see in the photos. I almost want to use this as a top coat as well. It is tempting for me to just leave my nails bare like this.

    by cho


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