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    Turquoise Gradient

    I haven't done this in a very long time. I will agree with anyone who has in their mind right now that this isn't the best gradient they have seen :)

    It is a little messy and uneven :p

    I was trying to use my old method that I did a year ago with trying to use a semi dry brush and then slowly adding to it. I like this method because there isn't any sponges or mess involved, but clearly I need a little more practice.

    The colors used here are still from my NY Haul:

    Sally Hansen: 506 Garter Toss
    Forever 21: Turquoise

    By Cho


    1. What a beautiful manicure. I also want to take the opportunity to invite you to check out My Barry M giveaway :)

      1. Thanks Thanks :)
        I will be sure to take a look :)


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