Lane Crawford Warehouse Sales

Out of the blue, we decided to go to this really deserted warehouse in Ap Lei Chau where the Lane Crawford warehouse is located.  Everything was on sale compared to prices in regular stores.  There were a lot of pretty shoes.  Some were even non-walkable.  They looked more like they were for display online.  Anyone trying to wear them would be out of their minds.  Shoes were up to 75% off!!!!  Sounds like a great deal, wasn't it?  However, the orginal price was HKD$40,000.  So, even after 75% off, they were HKD$10,000.  Not a price I would pay for shoes that are not walkable. 

From the stash of shoes, we found these really cheap Melissa shoes.  They were 70% off.  An their original price wasn't some crazy numbers.  They were originally about HKD$1000.  So, just about HKD$300 after discount.  Good deal.  We got the Melissio Talking bow pumps and Patchuli.  Both in black.  They are so comfy even with their height.  I can practically run chasing after a bus in those heels.  I like how soft they soles are.  Though it sounds a little disgusting to smell the shoes, but they smells like candies.  I read somewhere online that it's made with a degradable plastic?  So, it's eco friendly?  True? 

One thing I don't really like about the shoes is that, it's so hot to wear!!!!! Even though the wedges are just sandals, but my feet still feel so hot in them.  I think I can't wear them in summer.  Can only wear in the winter...


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