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    Dejavu Nail Off Cream

    Cho bought this nail polish remover cream.  It say it can easily clean off nail polish without the strong intoxicating smell and it's gentle on your skin and nails.  I saw it and couldn't wait to use it.

    So, This is the nail design I had when I was going to wash it off.  It doesn't have any glitters or rhinestones on it.  So, it should be easy to wash off. 

    It says to use a little bit on your nail and gentle massage it on your finger.  This may be a little be too much for 1 nail.  However, it's better to have more than less?

    After massaging and rubbing nonstop for about a minute, this is what I got. WTF!  It barefly removed anything!  Got kind of upset and went to rub some more.

    After 3 minutes or so, this is what I got.  That was it.  I couldn't take it any more.  I rinsed my hands in warm water to was away the cream and then use the regular nail polish remover to clearn the rest of the polishes off.  That was so much faster.  Took me a couple minutes and all 10 fingernails were cleaned!

    Overall, this product suck.  It's good in the sense that it doesn't smell.  The idea that it's gentle is also nice.  However, since I only used it once and for only a few minutes, I can't really tell if it's as good to the skin as it claimed to be.

    The down side is that it works tooooo slow! Almost useless in my point of view. It will just end up as one of the products on the shelf that we will never use again.  Waste of money and space.



    1. That's such a great concept. Too bad it didn't work, though.

      1. I agree! It would be so nice if it actually worked.


    2. Well this is a useless product. Essence has a same kind of product, but that is a peel off remover. You have to put the product under the polish, and after wearing you can peel it off. But that one works, as I read in other blogs.

      1. I didn't know Essence has a peel off remover. That is kinda cool. But I wonder how well the polish will stay on in the shower.
        I remember using peel off nail polishes before and they would always chip and peel when I wash my hair.



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