Lioele Swatch: #32 Deep Purple and #24 Spring Green

I ran out of good white nail polish and randomly got one from Lioele.  It was about $4USD.  I thought the quality would be pretty crappy.  However, to my surprise, it was one of the best white nail polish I ever used.  It's not like it can look nice and opaque in just 1 coat, but it's perfect in 2.  The brush is thick and round, making the application very smooth and easy.  The polish goes on very evenly.

After getting such great result with the white polish from Lioele, I decided to get their other colors too, even though it's not 3-Free.  I got the #32 Deep Purple and #24 Spring Green.  Not that I am a fan of green for my nails, but you know, there will just be times when you really need some green.


These were done in 2 coats.  The purple one could have pulled it off with 1 coat.  

Lioele Swatch: #32 Deep Purple and #24 Spring Green Lioele Swatch: #32 Deep Purple and #24 Spring Green Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Thursday, September 13, 2012 Rating: 5


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