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    Stamping with XL image plate C!

    After I got the jumbo stamper, I started to LOVE stamping! The XL stamper makes stamping into something that is enjoyable and fun!
    Because, with the regular Konad stamp, it was a torture.  I hated stamping as I could never pick up the image correctly and I would have to try 10 times before I get a result that I think is acceptable. 

    This time I used the XL image plate C.
    I painted the base with glittery silver.  I can't say what kind of brand/color it is because it's mixed by Cho.  She just dump all the bottles of glitter nail polish together when they run low.
    I stamped with the Konad navy blue special polish.

    Here are a couple of pictures under bad indoor lighting.

    Here are the pics under the sun!
    I love sunshine~



    1. Great mani, looks like a tribal design.
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