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    Alice in Wonderland's Bunny nails

    Saw something similar in a shop selling fake nails.  Thought it was kind of cute and it seems easy enough to do on my own nails.  It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.  A little messy~  

     So, this is the steps to do this simple nails.

    1. paint the base colors

    2. With a nail art striper, draw diamond shapes like so.

    3. With a dotting tool, fill in every other diamond with black.

    4. On the pinky, use a dotting tool to draw 2 hearts, like the way I did it on my valentine's nails.

    5. With a find nail art brush, just paint on the ears.
     6. On the middle finger, use a dotting tool to draw a bigger heart.

    7. Then use a fine brush and paint the sides red.  Leaving a rectangular shape in the middle. 

    8. Apply top coat and it's done!



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