Lashes from Taobao!!! Review and Swatch.

A couple weeks ago, I got some lashes.  They are the "Taiwan Specialized Made By Hand Entirely" brand.  I don't think they are made in Taiwan at all though haha.  Got them from and they shipped from China.  They are only $2US for a box of 10 pairs. It's ridiculously cheap.  The quality is absolute amazing with such a price. (But they still aren't the best...I am just saying the quality is great for lashes with that price)

They are all clear fish line band.  The hair is soft.  I think the clear bands are usually not to hard and not too soft.  For example, the black thick band lashes are way too hard and I can never get it to stay on my lash line properly.  Even when I manage to get it to stay on my lash line, it's very tiring to wear them for the entire day.  For the thin thread-like bands false lashes, it's tooooo soft for me.  So soft that I can't get it to stick properly.

Anyways, these are the close ups of the lashes I got and what they look like on my eye.  Excuse the bad lighting though.   





I think they all look pretty natural when your eyes are open.  But when you close your eyes, some of them look a bit weird.  My fave is the #903.  They look pretty normal when my eyes are open or shut.


Lashes from Taobao!!! Review and Swatch. Lashes from Taobao!!! Review and Swatch. Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Monday, October 22, 2012 Rating: 5


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