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    Lashes from Taobao!!! Review and Swatch.

    A couple weeks ago, I got some lashes.  They are the "Taiwan Specialized Made By Hand Entirely" brand.  I don't think they are made in Taiwan at all though haha.  Got them from taobao.com and they shipped from China.  They are only $2US for a box of 10 pairs. It's ridiculously cheap.  The quality is absolute amazing with such a price. (But they still aren't the best...I am just saying the quality is great for lashes with that price)

    They are all clear fish line band.  The hair is soft.  I think the clear bands are usually not to hard and not too soft.  For example, the black thick band lashes are way too hard and I can never get it to stay on my lash line properly.  Even when I manage to get it to stay on my lash line, it's very tiring to wear them for the entire day.  For the thin thread-like bands false lashes, it's tooooo soft for me.  So soft that I can't get it to stick properly.

    Anyways, these are the close ups of the lashes I got and what they look like on my eye.  Excuse the bad lighting though.   





    I think they all look pretty natural when your eyes are open.  But when you close your eyes, some of them look a bit weird.  My fave is the #903.  They look pretty normal when my eyes are open or shut.



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