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    Vancouver: Paul's Place Omlettery

    This is one of my favorite places to have brunch in Vancouver! It is always so yummy and they make perfect poached eggs! They have a great selection on their menu too. I always have such a hard time picking out what I want.
    The service here is always great as well. A downfall is that this place is a little pricey and also hard to find parking at times, but despite all that, the food is really worth it!
    What I ordered this time was the Big Bubba Breakfast Club Triple Stacker! With a side of Onion Rings hehehe :)
    It was super yummy with the fried egg in between!

    If you are interested in going, this lovely place is on Grandville St. just a block or two right before the bridge that leads you to downtown. You can visit below to get more pictures of their lovely menu > <

    Paul's Place Omelettery on Urbanspoon

    Paul's Place Omlettery at point H in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

    by Cho


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