How to clean wax out of Candle container

If you like me you would love this method of getting all that leftover wax out of those pretty containers.
I love burning candles, Chi keeps telling me that I would one day burn down the house, I do try very hard not to do so hehehe....
I just can't stop myself when I see those pretty decorative containers along with those pretty smelling scents!
I have tried getting those containers clean in the past by picking at it and trying to scrap it out, but it is a long hard process and I just end up scratching the those pretty jars in the end > <

I was reading on Pinterest this awesome effortless way to get all that annoying unwanted wax out, it is simple!

1. Get your Candle

2. Fill it will hot/boiling water and wrap the  container with a towel ( I used oven mittens) to keep the jar from cooling down too quickly.

 4) Wait a couple hours or overnight 

 5) When water is completely cool, pull the wax out and wash the jar out with soap and water (must wait until water is cool, otherwise you might be pouring melted wax down your drain! that is no good!

Here is also a video for you to see it in motion hehe.... :)

by Cho

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