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    Disney Princess Caviar Border Nails

    My semi new goal for myself is to actually use all the goodies that we get from taobao. It is really hard to resist getting far too much goodies because it is too too cheap. A sheet of water decals are only $0.20 USD or even cheaper at times!

    Anyhow without going more off topic these were the nails that. This is what I have come up with. Nice and simple and super quick. to add a little special touch I bordered my nails with the caviar beads.
    For a long long ago, these were not called caviar beads, these were simple iron beads. But it does add a nice touch. 

    I have built a light box in hopes to get better pictures, I am just missing a lamp right now...... I will get all that soon so please bear with the awful pics. And also the bubbly topcoat because I need to mold down those caviar beads. cheers.

    by Cho


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