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    Jelly Plaid Color Changing Nails!

    The other day, I saw online a nail set from Face Shop.  It's a set with baby blue, pink and yellow in it.  With it, you can create plaid patterns with lots of colors as the 3 colors create a new color when overlapped.

    Here is a pic of the product I saw online:

    I really wanted the set.  However, I didn't because:
    1. I have loads of nail polishes and I am sure I have similar colors already.
    2. There's no Face Shop here where I live!!!!!

    Anyways, I went to search for similar colors in my stash and found the following that actually worked:
    PA - Nail Color A38
    H&M - Neon Yellow
    Barielle - 5123 Princess

    You can use others similar colors if you want.  The key is that the colors need to be sheer.  So, I think you can just use jelly colors if you have some.

    Blue + Yellow = Green
    Yellow + Pink = Orange
    Pink + Blue = Purple

    This design is really simple.  It does take patience though.  Need to paint carefully and wait patiently for the layers to dry.

    I hope you enjoy the tutorial. 




    1. So that is how to do this kind of mani. Love the colors and design. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I am thinking of trying it out.

      1. you should really try it out, nice and fun with a complicated looking design but not so complicated method :)



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