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    Video: Valentine’s Day Water Decal

    Valentine's Day is coming up. That's why I got some pink water decals from my last Taobao haul. The full nail decals are always too long for my nails. I am sure many people would find it too long as well. I don't like wasting the extra. So, I cut off about 1/3 of it to use as a French tip. That way, I can do my nails twice with the same pack of decals~

    These decals are really thin.

    Pro: since they are thin, they stick smoothly on your nails with no or minimal folds.

    Con: it's very thin, so you need to be careful when putting them on to avoid tearing.

    Overall, I love these decals. They are only about $0.3 USD when I buy online. Great deal.

    Here is the video:



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