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    Video: Valentine's Fuzzy Heart & Kisses Nail Art

    Here is another Valentine’s Day theme nail art. With Valentine’s Day, heart and kisses immediately comes to mind.
    I used the following image plates:
    XL image plate B

    I also used a heart shape whole puncher to create the heart.

    I wanted to use my nail flocking really badly. Just had to put it in the design.  I find that the nail flocking doesn't last too long.  It's only been 1 day and the fuzziness is 50% gone.....sad.

    Anyways, here is a video:



    1. oh my, it's sooo lovely~~ would be perfect for valentine! hehe... and yeah you're right about the 'made in china' lenses, it's kinda scary >.<

    2. Wow... you're so talented. these nails are super cute <3


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