Crystal Half Moon Manicure

Half moon manicure are nice and simple. When you switch up the colours a little bit it can also be super fun and interesting not to mention the endless possibilities of mixing and matching. It is great!

This time I have attempted to apply rhinestones to the top of my nails as a half moon rather than painting them in. Just to give it that extra sparkle and I feel like it turned out quite well. I took like a million pictures because I love looking at pictures when I read blogs since I am a very visual person. 

Through this mani I also want to share with you this super awesome way of picking up any jewels or bling when applying them to your nails. Sure there are tons of methods out there, the most common one I believe to dap a tiny bit of clear polish to the end of a toothpick and picking up the jewels that way. I for one have been using that method for a very very long time, but I have also hated it. I find that the clear polish dries before I finished applying all my jewels and when I am busy trying to fix my toothpick the clear polish which I have applied to my nail bed as an adhesive to glue on the bling is dried. On top of all these problems, when the clear polishes become slightly clumpy it leaves this extra dot on top of my rhinestone which ruins the sparkle. I can go on and on about this but that isn't the post. The point is this new method that I have found and everyone would probably have this in their homes. 

The method is to use a crayon rather and just slight tap on the jewel you want. No mess at all. There is something about the wax that can temperarly hold on to the jewel. Best part is I no longer need to worry about the dry time on the tip of that stupid toothpick and there is no mess of opening and closing my top coat  to apply the clear polish to the tip of my toothpick and eventually knocking everything over (I can't count the times I have done that)
I cannot take credit for coming up with this method myself, but I sure wish I could since it seems so simple and obvious!!!!!! I learned this while I was shopping for all my beads and random stuff in Hong Kong when the store manager introduced a pickup tool to me, which was just a piece of wax wrapped in a thick layer of magazine paper, kinda like a pencil. So I thought, "isn't that the same thing as a crayon" and when I tried it in, a crayons works just wonderfully 

by Cho
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