Hamilton Island, Australia

Our second stop for our Australia trip was to Hamilton Island!

Finally, we were back to civilization! There’s TV, phone, internet! Everything is clean and neat! No more bird poop on our clothes!

We stayed at this really nice place on the island call The Retreat. It’s a 2 stories house. There are 4 bedrooms, a huge living room, kitchen and dining area. There’s also a really big and absolutely gorgeous porch for BBQ-ing and watching the sunset.

I love how we get a buggie to get around the island.  I miss driving in Canada.  Driving a buggie is fun. Everyone drives a buggie around.  It's all super slow, so no one can complain about my slow driving.

There are kangaroos here and there.  They are sooooo cute!  I see possums coming to our porch every night.  I think the little possums are so cute.  However, they are like the raccoons in Canada.  They are considered pests.  This is such a beautiful island.  The house was also absolutely wonderful.  One thing I don't like about this place is that there are lots of ants!!!! GIANT ants!!!  They are everywhere! There are also cockroaches!!! I hate cockroaches! They are the size of my thumb! GROSS! I guess it's coz there aren't 75,000 birds on this island to eat the bugs, so they are crawling everywhere.  There are a lot of parrots though.  White parrots.  They looks like the ones that would sell for over $2000CDN in Canada.  If only I can smuggle some of the wild parrots, then I'll be rich! *evil grin*

Here are some pictures from Hamilton Island.

We got 2 buggies.  Here is 1 of them.

One of the bedrooms in the house.  The house on Hamilton Island is so much better than the one on Heron Island.

Here is the living room with window door that allows you to go out to the porch where there are sofas and a BBQ!  Basically, the living room and kitchen is surrounded by glass, so you can enjoy the outside view of the scene any time.  I really love how open and bright this area is.

On the porch, you can watch the sun set~

Here is the BBQ!  We made a few of our dinners there.

Here is a penne carbanara we made.

And steak from BBQ.

There is also a pool below the porch.  We spend hours swimming here after we went swimming in the sea.  We love swimming, so we continue to swim in the pool even after we have swam for a few hours in the sea.

We hired a dinghy  to go fishing!  It was a super sunny day, my skin felt like it was burning.

Here is one of the fish we caught.

Although there are wild kangaroos on the island, there are no wild koalas.  Koalas can only be found in the Wild Life center. You can pay $25AUS  for buffet breakfast with the koalas, but you can't cuddle them.  If you want to cuddle them, pay another $30AUS.

I miss this house!  Compare to the housing in Hong Kong, people seem like they are living in prison cells...miserable.


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