Melbourne, Australia

Our last plan for our Australia trip was Melbourne!

We stayed at Crown Towers Hotel. This is an absolutely stunning hotel! The rooms are big, clean and nice! I love having house keeping finally after so many days. In Hamilton Island, we had to clean after ourselves and it just wasn’t very appealing to do when we have to weigh whether to clean the house or GO SWIMMING! In Melbourne, we can just leave the room in a mess and go out to play and when we go back, the room will be all clean again! There is a huge pool in the hotel and the water is warm~ A sauna was also included. Love it. Our stay had breakfast included. I love their breakfast buffet!!!!! There are so much to eat. However, I hated the restaurant supervisor. I feel so discriminated by her. She’s probably Japanese or Korean or Chinese. Not so sure. At first I thought I was thinking too much and it was just a coincident or her personality that likes to give guests shit. After I had breakfast 3 times during my stay and each time she would give me shit, I realized she just either really hates me or really hates Asians. She would be nice to other western people, but totally ignores Asians!!!! I was like, “WTF, you are an Asian too.” So, she was the only bad experience I have with them hotel.

We went to do some shopping on Chapel Street. Everything was just EXPENSIVE! I think everything is expensive in Australia, as the currency exchange rate is high. A faster food meal there is 4 times the price here in Hong Kong after currency exchange.

Queen Victoria Market is nearby our hotel. We went there and we love it! There are so much seafood! There are fresh oysters!!!! The oysters are cheap compared to the ones in Hong Kong. However, even if I were to pay the ridiculous price of fresh oysters in Hong Kong, I won’t eat it. I just don’t feel safe eating raw seafood in Hong Kong. I just think they are some how contaminated. They also have a huge section for cheese! I love cheese!!!!! I don’t know much about cheese, but I just love eating them! Their fruit section is even more amazing! The prices for fruits are so cheap compared to the ones in Hong Kong. I couldn’t’ help it but to get some huge mangoes, strawberries and grapes, even though all our meals were planned and that I would have to stretch my stomach to eat them.

Took this picture outside our hotel~ It's such a beautiful city.

After a long day of flying, we can finally check in.

Love the clean comfy room.

The TV in the bed room and bathroom continues to play commercials to bombard us to shop in the hotel.

The view outside bedroom window.  There is this fire ball show that plays every hour on the hour at the bridge.  No idea what's the meaning of it though.

Another view outside the hotel window

It's Chinese New Year and the year of snake.  They have this huge snake ornament hanging inside the hotel.  Pretty cool.

This is my favorite part of the breakfast buffet! Chocolate fountain!!!!!  They are 2 of these.  They are white chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel chocolate and orange chocolate!  They are so good!

Really yummy breakfast.

Here is the Queen Victoria Market!

Look at all these fresh oysters!

They are so good! I had a dozen myself.

We went to Red Hill Estate winery the next day for lunch.  It was a beautiful day! Fresh air! Nice scenery!  The only thing is that there are lots of flies....why are there so many flies in Australia?

We then wen to a beach to swim!  This is a really stunning place!!!!  It's even more amazing when you are actually there to see the real thing.

It's beautiful.

It was super sunny that day.  The sun was scorching hot.  We hit under the shades when we were out of the water.

A friend of ours has a license to pick abalone.  So, he went for a little dive to get a few.

Here are a few of the abalone our friend got.  They are huge!!!!

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