Happy Easter Nail Art!

Easter is coming up soon~
Here are my nails for this year's Easter.
The little eggs are water decal.the bunny and the chick is paint on. The chick looks like a duck though....
How do you paint chicks? I need more practices!
I was planning to go to Korea for my Easter holiday.  However, going to Korea during this time of the year is double the usual price!  And even when it's doubled, there's still not seat for the flight or rooms for the hotel.  Had to postpone my trip to the end of April....
Anyone going on holiday for Easter?


Happy Easter Nail Art! Happy Easter Nail Art! Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Sunday, March 24, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. it looks so so cute- I just love this rabbit :)
    I just stay at home for the Easter!
    I always celebrate it with my family- it's a piece of tradition and I love it!

    1. thanks~

      It's always great to spend the holiday with family. There will be unlimited amount of delicious food.

  2. OMG! looks awesome:) soooo sweet:) love it! I'm staying at home with my family.

    1. Thanks thanks :)

      You can never have too much time with family :)



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