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    Ciate swatches: Cookies and Cream 058 / Dangerous Affair 013

    For those of you who have been following our blog of a while now you would have noticed that we didn't have great picture qualities in the beginning hehehe.... So when Chi and I learned to make our own light box and saw how much better pictures looked, I feel that it is only right to redo pretty much all my swatch photos   since my old photos just didn't do those pretty polishes justice. 

    These colours are very pretty and very versatile in my point of view, but I am not quite sure about the formula. I had my expectations pretty high when I was trying these again since their products aren't cheap! I was slight disappointed however, I took me around 3-4 coats to get the red even depending on the nail. The cream color was a bit better as 2-3 coats did it for me. 

    The dry time for these weren't bad, not great, but acceptable. Although I am not too happen with them, I will still used them again and again just because of their pretty packaging!!!!!! It is just too cute!

    For a very long time now I tend to like to do 2 accent nails rather than one, what do you think?

    by Cho


    1. I love these colours and I think ciate botteles are the the most beautiful!


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