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    Victoria Secret Rockin' Body Luminous Tinted Body Spray

    I have bought this a while ago, and to be honest I love body shimmers and sprays. 
    I like because it just makes the body look so healthy and glow in an instant as though I really have been taking care of the skin on the rest of my body and putting body lotion on religiously everyday.

    The thing I like about this formula is that it does not have too much colour and is not greasy. I have tried one from The Bodyshop in the past and I didn't like it at all. The fact that this formula doesn't have a lot of colour makes it great because it means there will be less color that will rub off onto my clothes throughout the day.

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes Yes Yes and I have already recommended it to a few
    Would I buy this product again? Yes Yes Yes heheh I almost want to stock up on it.

    by Cho


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